Watch My demon kdrama

Watch My demon kdrama 

My Demon

Watch My demon kdrama
My demon
Status: CompletedNetwork: Released: Nov 24, 2023 - Jan 13, 2024Duration: 1 hr. 5 min.Country: Type: DramaEpisodes: 16Director: Casts: Posted by: LiuReleased on: Updated on: 

Watch My demon kdrama
Watch My demon kdrama

                                           Synopsis My Demon

Do Do Hee is the successor of the Future Group. She has an arrogant and cool-headed personality, who doesn’t trust in anyone. She is cynical about love. Do Do Hee gets involved with a demon named Jung Koo Won and makes a contract marriage with him. She faces big changes in her life.

Watch My demon kdrama
Jung Koo Won is a demon. He can live for eternity by making dangerous, but sweet deals with humans who endure hellish lives. He looks down upon humans and he has prowled over this world like an apex predator for 200 years. He gets involved with Do Do Hee and somehow loses his power all of a sudden. He then enters into a contract marriage with her. To prevent his own extinction, he must protect Do Do Hee who has taken all of his power. Their relationship develops romantically.
Watch My demon kdrama

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Should I watch My Demon ?

I know the show just started and I there is no clear opinion on it yet, but I was wondering if anyone has an rec about it? I really wanted to watch it and I was really looking forward to it cause there really hasn't been much ground breaking shows this year, but I have seen comments that it is in that regard which is really not my cup of tea at all. I know that the ML (Song Kang) typically takes on that kind of role such as "Nevertheless," So for those who watched the premier episodes, what would you recommend?

ETA I just wanted to thank everyone who provided recommendation and opinions on this thread!!

Okay, so, mostly Forecasting Love and Weather. I was so looking forward to that drama, and it was so painfully awful. A lot of it was because his character let his daddy issues ruin every relationship he had. And also the relationships of the people around him.

I only made it through three episodes of Love Alarm, but he was also hanging out, being pretty and toxic in that one too.

I have not seen Nevertheless, but I have been told by people I trust that I really, really should not.

that show made me like a cheater 🤦🤦 I liked the cheater character more than the ML. ML was so annoying and rude I could not watch that show because of him

First, I'm a Song Kang fan. I think that there's a clause in his contract that requires him to be shirtless with a ten kiss minimum lol. Nevertheless pissed me beyond off. I loved Song's character and being more true to himself than the FL. The FL was like Bella in Twilight except, she was a grown ass woman. My Demon is a must watch. Right now, I'm hooked.

Idk what it is about SK, but I don’t like him either. Maybe it is that people act like he is soooo dreamy. Even when compared against other leading kdrama actors. Kim Yoo-Jung is really becoming a lovely young actress now though. So I’m there for that. She no longer has a girl feel to her. She now commands the screen as a woman now.

I’m not a fan of Song Kangaroo either, his face is fairly expressionless to me. No haters allowed since I said the words ‘to me’. I like Kim Yoo Yung though and since I recently tried but stopped watching an earlier drama of hers I thought I’d try seeing what she has in her as far as acting. It’s ok so far, I’m hard to please though. Crossing fingers I stay with this. I just wish I liked the ML though.

I agree that this year was nothing special. However I started My Demon and so far it gives me what I am here for. That is good looking leads with an interesting story. As in case of any good Kdramas it has a good mix of romance, thrill, comedy and a good supporting cast who it seems will add on to the show. Only downer for me is the amount of filters that are used on the leads. The show isn't one of those Americanized shows so go ahead and give it a try.

I'm an American living in the UK and I can tell you from my perspective of watching over 150k dramas Netflix is americanized and so is this one with Song Kang. But I'm still watching it. What bothers me is that there's no substance to it, it's not the acting that's bad it's the actual script that is reasonably annoying.

Yes 150, and yes I got the end and totally agree with you but I'm not wasting my time I am doing other things while I watch and I did feel that episodes 10 through 13 were a little bit more solid but 14 through 16 were just annoying.

I have been waiting for this comment as well. All I see is people obsessing over their looks and it seems like people are more focused on that than the actual acting. I think the FL is doing well with what she’s been given but Song Kang is flat for me in this role. He comes off very monotone in his comedic moments. And I think he’s beautiful but his looks are not enough to overcome the lack of emotion in his delivery. And I’m saying this as a new fan of his. I’ve seen people bash other shows for much less so I’m a little confused why no one is mentioning the issue with the acting. I personally think he was stronger in Nevertheless, and people said his acting was bland there but it actually fit the role.

I haven’t been able to believe his character because there just doesn’t seem to be much emotion behind it. Hopefully it gets better in later episodes but it’s very apparent when the FL is emoting much better in my opinion. I do think the side characters are stronger. Some of the jokes have also been a little flat for me but some have been very funny. Im sad because I thought I’d love this show.

Watch My demon kdrama