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Episodes: 9


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Synopsis Doona!

watch doona kdrama online

Doo Na, a member of the girl group Dream Sweet, suddenly left the group one day and ends up living in the same share house as Won Jun, a college student. Doo Na mistakes him for being her sasaeng fan, and Won Jun does not know who she is. They become curious about each other.

watch doona kdrama online

~~ Adapted from the webtoon "The Girl Downstairs" (이두나!) by Min Song Ah (민송아).

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Is Doona worth watching

I thought it was worth it. FL is deeply conflicted. She signed away her adolescence (not being able to live a normal teenage life) and independence for the chance to be a wealthy pop idol. Upon reaching her dream she comes to realize that she has less independence than she had thought and that there is a dark side to the fame that comes with stardom. So she abruptly quits the pop group and breaks her contract. She is an angst-ridden mess at the beginning of the film. But she (with the support of ML) starts to regain her mental health gradually. The series ending is good if not HEA.

My appreciation of Doona was helped by having recently watchedthe Netflix documentary Blackpink. It is interesting to see how the likes of Jisoo, Rose, Jennie and Lisa were able to cope with the pressure of stardom in the face of the grueling hours of training, separation from family and other sacrifices they had to make.

Bae Suzy, a K-pop idol herself prior to her acting career, is perfect portraying a role she has played in real life.

She is a bit much in the beginning but she does have character growth. I can’t say it’s my favorite drama. I don’t find myself recommending it much unless there is something specific someone is looking for and it happens to offer that for that viewer. It felt rather unique (feels more like watching an independent movie cinematography wise and rather artistic for example) to me in someways which kept me watching it. Plus it is relatively short with only 9 episodes so it felt like it moved along quickly. I cannot say the ending is completely satisfactory but it is open to interpretation in my eyes and therefore probably appropriate for the drama. I don’t know how far into it you are, any more than halfway through and I would say drop it. If you just started, maybe give it an episode or two more to see if it improves for you.

While I didn't mind the writers trying to portray scenes and storyline in back-n-forth fashion by putting some future scenes during the intro (basically, for a few seconds after the intro), problem is that the story didn't really make it feel personal. Yeah, we know celebrities go through public scrutiny and bullying and hate comments and such, but the overall acting and progression of story didn't capture it,. As far as the things that an idol has to go through, those scenes were very short really to connect with it, like the scenes were very brief. If there were like 2-3 entire episodes solely to focus on those things, then maybe it would have been easier for viewers to connect with the character.

Plus, there were 1 very unnecessary character that was introduced halfway, that didn't serve any purpose. That was annoying.

The characters aren't all that likeable, neither the FL for obvious reasons, I don't mind that, characters don't necessarily have to be likeable, especially for a storyline like that. But, again, acting didn't do it for me.

If you watch it, you will find that it had potential. I would say it's an Okay-ish drama. You might not like the ending, although, that's up to the interpretation that you are willing to accept, as it was an open ending. The cinematography is good, music is okay. The storyline is nothing unique, but digestible. Overall, on the drama-scale of worth-watchingness, I will give it 7 out of 10.

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The Beauty Inside (Romance, Characters are very fashionable, funny, 2nd lead couple are amazing to watch)

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Sh**ting Stars (Romance, Celebrity life, Fashion), However, it's not that great a drama in my opinion, storywise it's very basic.

Agreed. Normally I dont watch shows unless its high rated (8.5+) but decided to give this a chance after seeing some clips. Regret it. Ive been stuck on the last ep for 2w now jist cant be bothered to finish it (ill fi ish it eventually). FL is just annoying from beginning to end and the part I hate most is that they keep trying to hint at a "traumatic past" but 9ep later we learn nothing that we didnt already know from 1st ep