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Status: Completed


Released: Jun 30, 2023

Duration: 45 min.


Type: Drama

Episodes: 12



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Synopsis Celebrity

Fame. Money. Power. One young woman fights to become the next hottest celebrity in the glamorous yet scandalous world of influencers in Seoul.

Seo Ah-ri (Park Gyu-young) finds herself thrown into a life of fame, wealth, and desire as she explores the world of social media influencers. However, Ah-ri mentions how these influencers buy "followers", which tricks laypersons into believing that they are celebrities. As her reputation begins to tarnish during her rise and eventual fall, Ah-ri exposes the scandalous lives of the influencers, involving scams, harassment, drugs, and eventually murder.

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Watch full episodes Celebrity kdrama


Has anyone watched and finished celebrity? I’m on episode 6 and was wondering if it’s worth finishing. So far I think it’s good but I was wondering if the storyline gets better or if it goes downhill? Update: Thanks for the responses I ended up finishing the series after reading your reviews. I do agree with a lot of you when you said that the ML and FL didn’t have much chemistry. I did like the twist. I do get what the show was trying to get at since I’ve heard a lot of shady stuff about what influencers do to get to where they are I wish they did add more depth to some of the storylines for example siyeon and jukyoungs love story or the main love story between the ml and fl but then again I do understand since they were only limited to 12 episodes. On a scale of 1-10 I’d give the show a 7/10.

Here are a few I liked.

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Just finished it last week. I thought it was pretty good esp the commentary on how easy it is to get sucked into social media and wanting the praise. It’s definitely worth finishing just to see what happens. A few twists and turns. I’m glad it’s only 12 episodes; short and to the point. My one complaint is the LACK of chemistry between the ML and FL.

I feel the same. It’s an interesting social commentary and has interesting twists. It was odd that the chemistry between the ML and FL was so lacking; ML basically carried the chemistry. FL had amazing chemistry with ML when she starred in Dali and the Cocky Prince so I know it’s possible for her.

Maybe the actual actors didn’t click on set. It does happen. I also felt his character was more throw away than beneficial. It would’ve been totally fine if she didn’t have a love interest, tbh.

I liked it too but do agree about the lack of chemistry—they made the FL’s character so cold/distant. And she was very different when she played Dali (Park Guy Young is an amazing actress, has a lot of range) so I think it’s really how the writers built her character.

I’ve only seen the FL in Its ok to not be ok. I thought the director made her out to be so plain but I’m glad for her new series she was way more glammed up. I thought she did a great job in her nuanced character from being so humble and practical to getting caught up in virtual reality. She does have range!

I agree, she was very antipathetic. Her mom as well. We didn't need her to be a good person to be likeable. Sometimes we like characters that are mean or bad, but in this case it's just poorly written. There was no wit, and she is hard to understand and relate to. It's very cold and distant, and no amount of elongated scene of her starring in the void will be enough to give her depth.

I liked the idea of the storyline but I do think it could've been executed better. There was so much buildup and suspense till the end only to have not that great of a revelation. I started losing interest halfway through the series but stuck around to find out who bbbfamous was, and when it was finally revealed I wasn't very happy with who it was either. Seemed like a bit of a reach to me.

Another thing i hated was the absolute lack of chemistry between the ML and FL. Don't get me wrong they portrayed their personal roles really well but their interactions were nowhere near romantic, or butterfly-worthy. The kiss felt random and out of nowhere.

It wasn't a terrible series, and if you've started it I think you should finish it, but it's nothing incredible either.

I liked it. Felt it was worth watching for the cameos of actors who appeared as their real selves in each episode. (If you are new and not familiar with various actors, it may not resonate enough to get past the other issues.) To me, the ending seems non-existent, as though it was slated for 16 episodes, but may have been cut due to viewership drop off. Either that or a second season is expected as there is a very open ending that leaves some threads untied. I didn’t care for the young woman who opens the show. They gave her a very one-note roll, and the mystery of her background was not enough to carry her presence. Eventually she begins to come into her own, but the show is better if you somewhat ignore her and concentrate on the veteran agents.

Very addicting show and I love how they kept pulling you to keep watching to really get the big picture of what happened (I do recall a different non-k-drama show using the same tactic. If someone knows what I'm talking about please lmk).


  • I thought that the acting was alright, the FL was stunning, but I found her performance to be a little flat in the first half. She really came around and delivered in the second half though so props to her (could've also been a writing choice). Lee Chung-ah (Si-hyeon)'s performance also felt...boring. Yes, there were scenes that she absolutely killed, but the vast majority of the time, she had the same expression and tone in her voice that made it hard to distinguish if she was being genuine or deceitful (the fact that her character was also oddly written didn't help). ML's performance (again) felt flat and it was annoying to see every scene with him have the same facial expressions.

  • Most of the characters were very one-sided and did not change one bit. Would have liked to see at least ONE of the Gabin ladies make a change throughout the show instead of being bitchy and whiny the entire time.

  • The ending felt rushed with many plotholes glossed over (I'm not the type of person that can be satisfied with plot points being thrown around like easter eggs). In my opinion, if something is brought up, or a new plot point is created, it MUST be addressed LOUDLY. I don't want to have to infer or imagine what actually happened especially when the show already heavily relies on the viewer to suspend their disbelief in so many other aspects of the plot.

  • Nitpicking they definitely should've used larger numbers for the follower counts for the Gabin ladies. For instance, James Charles's drama happened when he had around 16 MILLION subscribers. It makes no sense why the show decided that a feud between people with "K" followers would have any traction outside of their niche.

  • Certain...*cough* plot points *cough* were totally unnecessary and provided no value other than shock value which is pretty cheap.


  • Phenomenal costumes and set designs

  • Amazing cinematography

  • I loved seeing Ari grow her following and her business and seeing her thrive. And yes, I did enjoy it when she got to rub it in the faces of the Gabin ladies

  • VERY addicting and I really liked the pacing (could've done without the flashbacks of FL and ML at the hospital though

  • If you enjoyed Pretty Little Liars or anything in that genre of murder mystery without a body type shenanigans then you will like this show. It's a really fun watch and if you come in with low expectations, you may be surprised at how good it can get at times.

  • 100% recommend if you are into Social Media, Influencers, Celebrity Life, or Missing Person Mystery type shows. If you're looking for romance, I'd say look elsewhere.

Watch full episodes Celebrity kdrama