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Park Hyung Seok is an unpopular and bullied high school student who is despised by his fellow students because of his obesity. Bullied and harassed every day by a delinquent, he vents his anger verbally on his mother and asks for a school transfer. 

Resolving to run away from his problems and start fresh, he moves to Seoul and makes plans to attend a new high school. However, a few nights before school starts, he gets a new body that is tall, muscular, and handsome. When one body is in use, the other goes to sleep; He can wake up the sleeping person and change his body.

Her days are divided between two bodies: the beautiful for the day and the real for the night. As Daniel Park (Park Hyung Seok) lives with two bodies, he begins to see how much the world discriminates against ugly people.

While receiving kindness and special treatment in his new body, he experiences discrimination and hatred towards his original body. She soon becomes a social media influencer, an intern at an entertainment company, and a fashion model. However, at night, Daniel's dream life becomes a harsh reality when he returns to his original body.

Read Lookism Manga Online In High Quality

Lookism (Hangul: 외모지상주의; RR: Omojisangjui) is a South Korean webtoon written and illustrated by Taejun Pak. The webtoon was first published weekly on Never Webtoon in November 2014. Its story revolves around a high-school student who can switch between two bodies: one fat and ugly, and the other fit and beautiful.



Comedy, drama


Taejun Pak


Daewon and Book



Naver Webtoon (Korean)

Line Webtoon (English)

Original run

November 20, 2014 – present



Original net animation

Directed by

Kwang Il Han

Written by

Isao Murayama

Music by

Kyung-Hoon Han


Studio Mir

Licensed by



December 8, 2022






Lookism is one of the worst things ive ever read , everything about it is terrible and it has been terrible from the start.

The worst part about it is the characters, especially the MC has no personality, all the other characters (except a couple few) are just empty vessel without personality too.

People say the art has improved but thats not the case it still looks like garbage and the author reuses literally every 2nd panel.

All the fights are the same, there is no tension and it always follows the same formula and the slice of life parts are just unreadable and boring.

Next is the community, the community (especially the reddit community) is a cespol of toxicity, they will attack you for no reason if you prefer one character to another or just criticize the manwha in general , there is no room for any critique in there.

I will never understand why someone would want to read lookism when there are so many better manwhas out there, its generic and its been generic for 464 chapters now.

If you like lookism thats cool but please dont talk to me.

Lookism fans be like:

When a character wins a fight: "HE IS THE GOAT!!!"

When a character loses a fight: "FRAUD DETECTED"

After every chapter: "Peak fiction, another fire chapter, PTJ doesn't disappoint"

It is crazy how they hate Vin because he bullied Duke, but they like Gun, also the fights are boring as shit you better off turning off your brain while reading, I feel like I'm watching dragon ball

I love Dragon Ball in general, I'm more talking about DBS (sorry for the misunderstanding), it does have it's hype but if you actually think about how things work, it makes zero sense, DBS is enjoyable if you just turn off your brain and look at the fight

I stopped interacting with the Lookism subreddit for months, don't know why it is still on my profile lol

My bad bro I’m sorry dbs is shit like omg I feel very and cause the manga was great and with depth I feel really angry cause like my favourite anime is gonna be a money grab for toei animations and Akita toriyama is getting old is should’ve stoped at dbz

Webtoons like Lookism and True Beauty are proof that just because you can draw well doesn't mean you can tell a story well. The creator of Lookism wouldn't be able to weave together a coherent plot and incorporate character development into his characters even if his life depended on it.

No way u freakin say Lookism has no storyline and plot, or character development 😭😭😭every characters are so damn well written it is almost unbelievable, Jake and eli bsckstory alone is enough, no character development???Jiho, Daniel many more,,Sinu charater basically itachi too,,most not plane ever

Tbh, I can't get sick of it. I get bored from time to time, sure, but I feel a weird determination to at least finish it. I think it's fine, I like the action and the fact that the mc isn't 'lose two fights and then wins everything else', and while I do think there are alot of exaggerated tropes... I just... like it. I don't really see any of the problems you're seeing except the fact that I wish the mc had more depth.

I don't think it's garbage. It's just not for everyone. It's a long story where the plot consistently changes, and if that's not for you, then it's not for you, I guess.

Yeah, alot of lookism fans are weird. There's alot of misogyny, over sexualizing and villian apologists. But the book itself isn't really like that, and their are normal readers. I don't think it's fair to judge everyone in a community just because they like something harmless that you don't.

Anyways, valid opinion. Happy reading.

Read Lookism Manga Online In High Quality