manhua vs manhwa vs manga


manhua vs manhwa vs manga

What is the difference between manga, manhua and manhwa?

If you love reading comics, you may already be familiar with the term 'manga'. Also, you might have seen the terms 'manhwa' and 'manhua', which sound similar to manga. 

Some people may think they are the same, but in fact, they are the South Korean and Chinese counterparts of Japan's manga. 

Although these terms may seem similar, they differ not only in origin but also in art styles, target audiences, and reading directions. Looking beyond their geographic roots, explore the unique characteristics of these three comedy styles.

manhua vs manhwa vs manga

Manga, manhwa and manhua have different origins, art styles and reading directions. Manga is from Japan, often printed in grayscale, and read from right to left. Manhwa is South Korean, available in color, and is read from left to right.

 Manhua is Chinese, has a more realistic style with simple backgrounds, and can be read from right to left or in vertical layout. Each has its own unique features and are worth exploring depending on your preferences.


Q.How to tell the difference between Manhwa and Manhua.

A.They both have different styles that can only be noticed by sb who read too many of those 2 comics.

If mc is courting death but kill the opponent, it's Chinese.

If mc is getting on the nerves of some dude and let's them live for 20 chapters, it's Korean.

If it's a high school setting; In Korea a fight lasts 10 chapters with too much blood and next episode a bandaid fixes the damage, In China next chapter some elder is involved.

1: art style: they have very distinctly different art style.

2. Character names: you can tell by the characters name.

3. Dialogue letters: korean letters often has circles and squares in their languages while Chinese often has something letters that looks like the house.

4. Story: manhua generally are outright trash whereas manhwa generally outright generic.

5. Dressing sense: especially in historical, you can tell which one is different. Can’t really explain it.

6. Translation: manhua often have extremely bad translation whereas manhwa rarely have bad translation.

Korean and chinese respectively

Manhua mostly cliche or trash

Name difference (personal observation - manhua has small names like xiao , ling ,feng po etc)

manhua vs manhwa vs manga

Art style different too

Generally Mc unusally op and no good plot whatsoever in manhuas

There are good manhuas out there too...i dont hate them but avoid reading them

I dont think you can differentiate them by just Art style, Manhua is so big, if you look at gaming/system Manhua like rise from the Ruble, world apocalypse online, king of the bug etc they have same art style like manhwa.

Then you have cultivation manhua with different art

Then you have classic Manhua like Feng shen ji, xi xing ji, city of darkness etc have different style.


If the title contains words such as immortal, god, super, system, ultimate, invincible a.k.a if title is trying to advertise manhua with powerscaling then it's a manhua.

If title have words/phrase/letters/terms such as leveling, SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F, regression, hevenly-demon, murim, Mt hua, kulkun etc. 

 if trying to advertise mc's potential, starting rank or interesting concepts such as time travel or world as games or cosmic horrors then it's a manhwa.

If the title is a summary then it's a manga.

If title only contains less than 5 words then it's probably good doesn't matter what it is.

Some have same art like manga,manhwa and manhua

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Manga Recommended


2.Boku ga Shinu dake no Hyakumonogatari

3.One punch Man(Chapters 150+)

4.My Hero Academia(Chapters 200+)

5.Breserk(Chapters 159+) Piece (Optional Because it's already 1200+Chapters)

7.A lone necromancer who leads an army of immortals, changed his job to become an SSS rank adventurer(Chapters 5+)

8.Shangri-La Frontier ~ Kusoge Hunter, Kamige Ni Idoman To Su~(Chapters 71+)

9.A Story About A Dragon And The Rising Of An Adventurer(Chapters 18+)

10.Highschool of the Dead

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Manhwa Recommended

1.Academy’S Genius Swordsman (Chapters 42+)

2.Eleceed(Chapters 296+)

3.Fist Demon Of Mount Hua(Chapters 177+)

4.Gods’ Gambit(Chapters 40+)

5.Heavenly Grand Archive’s Young Master(Chapters 71+)

6.I Obtained a Mythic Item(Chapters 100+)

7.I Reincarnated as a Legendary Surgeon(Chapters 110+)

8.Regressor of the Fallen family(Chapters 30+)

9.Auto Hunting With My Clones(Chapters 99+)

10.Baek XX(Chapters 63+)

manhua vs manhwa vs manga,jinx manhwa,manhwa porn,bl manhwa,manhwa clan,adult manhwa,porn manhwa,queen bee manhwa,secret class manhwa,bones manhwa

Manhuas Recommended

1.Another beginning with the Guhuo bird (Chapters 290+)

2.Demon in Mount Hua (Chapters 80+)

3.Different Kings ( Another Emperor Reborn)  (Chapters 300+)

4.I Can Copy Talents (Chapters 72+)

5.Regressor’s Life After Retirement (Chapters 33+)

6.The Eternal Supreme (Chapters 300+)

7.To Another World On My Own! (Chapters 33+)

8.Bad blood (Chapters 30+)

9.Urban God of Medicine (Chapters 166+)

10.I Just Want To Live A Simple Life (Chapters 77+)


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manhua vs manhwa vs manga