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Twenty-five-year-old Baum had been alone his entire life until he met Rachel. However, now Rachel is ready to climb the tower, and she is willing to leave Bam behind to do so. After Rachel disappears into a curtain of light, Bam pursues her, and vows to climb the tower in hopes of meeting her again.

But the tower is a dangerous place full of ancient secrets, scary monsters, and nefarious humans. Each floor is guarded by an administrator who puts courageous challengers through difficult tests that will push them to their limits.

As he confronts Hayden, the administrator of the first floor, Bam learns that he is an ''irregular'' individual, who was not chosen by the Tower, but was able to enter it on his own, the Tower. An extremely rare phenomenon inside. However, despite this revelation, their path forward is clear. Be it wealth, power, glory, or even reuniting with Rachel, all wishes will be fulfilled at the top of the tower.


Tower of God is published digitally in English by LINE Webtoon since June 30, 2014. It is published in print by Wattpad Webtoon Studio under its Webtoon Unscrolled imprint beginning November 22, 2022.



Titles English

Tower of God


Sin-ui Tap


신의 탑

Type Manhwa

Volumes Unknown

Chapters 602+

Status Ongoing

Published Jul 5, 2010 to ?

Genres Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Serialization Naver Webtoon

Authors SI

U (Story & Art)




Hey i would recommend reading tower of god on your best comfy sofa cause it's a long manhwa.

If you don't have a sofe, the second best place to read TOG is on your bed cause it's comfy.

But reading it only any chair would do, some folks read it on their toilet but i woild not recommend

People will say, but I'd suggest you read up until the end of the workshop arc on mangadex. You can read the company's translation from chapter 0 season 1 up to chapter 110 of season 2. The translations are higher quality than translations and give a bit more understanding and explanation on certain things in season 1.

I hope you don't read any manga that's fan translated then, otherwise you're a hypocrite. Also, the translation group translated this stuff back between 2010 - 2014~ and dropped it after picked it up. So, your black and white outlook on this situation is naïve and juvenile.

Either way, you're clearly delusional and I'm done with this discussion, you're a waste of my time. All I suggested is that OP read a copy of Tower of God that's far superior in terms of translation quality, you're pathetic and not a true Tower of God fan if you condemn the low quality translations offered by Also, this subreddit is piracy friendly as well due to the fact that decided to push the official English translation release back by over a month. So, next time don't try and come across as some preachy little twat.

Why should i? You called me weird. You didn't insult or offend me or anything. Also: why did you respond to my comment a year later.

Man you took great offence to having your opinions questioned. Small pp energy right there. Also: stop gatekeeping!