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                Reading Manhwa The Breaker: New Waves

The Breaker 2,

The Breaker New Waves,

The Breaker: New Waves,

The Breaker2(ブレイカー2),

Крушитель: Новые волны,

المحطم موجات جديدة,






After his Ki-center is broken by Yi "Shiyon" Shi-woon's master, Geumoonryong, rendering him unable to use his martial arts, he decides to leave the world of Murim and continue his normal life: Going to school and coming home to her mother every day, however, Murim has other ideas.

Discovered as Gomunryong's only true disciple and entrusted with the Sunwoo Clan's Phoenix Medal by Lady Sosul – making him the interim leader of the Sunwoo Clan – the world of Murim is not so eager to abandon Shion. With her new situation, enemies Shion has never encountered before continue to appear before her, such as the organization known as Soldiers Under Command. They are intent on getting rid of him for the sake of their prosperity, but how will Shiyun protect himself without keeping his Key Center intact?


The Breaker: New Waves is published in Polish by Yumegari since February 2016.




Breaker - New Waves


the breaker. new waves


breaker 2; Breaker: NW; Breaker: Part 2; Breaker: Martial Arts City


black fan NW

Type Manhwa

Volume 20

Chapter 203

Status: Finished

Published October 8, 2010 to May 8, 2015

Genres Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Contents Martial Arts, School

Serman dan daum Webtoon

Author spark, jin-hwan (art)

Jeon, Gyuk - jin (story)


 Average 4.5 / 5 out of 55


 N/A, it has 259.8K views


 The Breaker: Part 2 (English); 브레이커2 (Korean); 브레이커NW ; The Breaker 2 ; The Breaker New Waves ; The Breaker - New Waves ; Сокрушитель: Новые волны (Russian); Крушитель: Новые Волны (Русский) ; Distrugătorul: Valuri Noi (Română) ; Разрушителят: Нови Вълни (Bulgarian); ครูซ่าขอท้าชนมาเฟีย (Thai); Kẻ Phá Hoại - Những Làn Sóng Mới (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV)


Action, Comedy, Drama, Manhwa, Martial arts, Romance, School life, Seinen, Supernatural, Tragedy, Webtoons


 Author(s) Jeon geuk-jin





I dont get it man. If you're really that burnt out of doing The Breaker, then why would you not end the whole series with New Waves? Instead he ends New Waves with the biggest fucking cliffhanger known to man and teases season 3.

I think by the time they felt really burned out they were already very close to the end of new waves and would have had to rush it out more than they were comfortable with. The result? They left the ending open for when the burnout decreased, then it simply didn't decrease and they found themselfs not wanting to return to it at all.

A better analogy would be a restaurant offering a 5 course meal but after the 3rd course they decided to stop for a toilet break. We've eaten, it affects the satisfaction level but we wait. Then we see the owner open a whole new restaurant elsewhere. There is no obligation for him to come back but I'm not going to buy his products in the future given the broken trust.

Is it the series about like pop Idol martial artists or something like that and didn't he stop that one I feel like I don't know 60-50 chapters or so

Both the author and the artist also said that the plot for season 3 has already been decided on since a long time ago and it seems to be at minimum as big as the first two seasons combined. They became afraid of it because the first two seasons already took them way longer to finish then they enticipated. It took them like double the amount of chapters to get to this point than they had originally planned.

Now they are aware that once they start with season 3 they won't be able to produce something else for many many years. They are taking a long break to produce some side projects, to refill their creativity tank, to overcome the burnout they feel towards the Breaker and to cool down the hype around it.

They promised to get back to the series when they feel comfortable about it again. And, like you said, when they think the hype cooled down to a level where they feel like the pressure from the fans has became low enough for them to produce the first dozens of chapters without worry.