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 Bloodhounds Season 1

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Hunting Dogs, Hound Dogs, Hounds, Sanyanggaedeul

Status: Completed


Released: Jun 9, 2023

Duration: 60 min.


Type: Drama

Episodes: 8


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Synopsis Bloodhounds Season 1

When reserved rookie boxer Kim Geon Woo squares off against loquacious southpaw Hong Woo Jin, Geon Woo narrowly prevails — but the two former marines become fast friends. As their friendship grows, so do the financial woes that plague Geon Woo’s mother.

 To save her quaint café from going under, she signs off on a hefty loan. But when it turns out she’s been targeted by Smile Capital — a ruthless loan shark business — Geon Woo and Woo Jin do everything in their power to make it right. Fate intervenes as the pair end up working for a generous money lender whose foster daughter is dead set on taking down the loan sharks.

(Source: Netflix)

~~ Adapted from the webtoon "Bloodhounds" (사냥개들) by Jeong Chan (정찬).

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Love Woo Do-hwan and found out he’s starring in this Netflix new show. Anyone who’s watched it, how good is it? I like action dramas with a little bit of romance to balance things out. Lemme know your thoughts (please keep spoilers to a minimum) thank you !

Not related to the comment but I just wanna ask how did you white out (like if you don't wanna spoil) the comment? I'm not that familliar in this app and I saw a lot of comments that has that white one and I can read them once I tap them out hehe. Sorry and tia.

I LOVED it. I love all the cast members and I've seen plenty of the actors before. The action is fantastic. You can tell the two M.L.d worked their butt off for their roles.

Two warnings: 

1.) It's extremely violent. Lots of death. You've been warned.

2.) The FL does switch up and it's off putting at first but you'll know when it happens. It doesn't take away from the amazing Bromance!!! You're just rooting for them in the end. You want them to pull out of it all together ❤️.

I’m a fan of all the actors (not just the main duo) & everyone did very well, but I’m not biased enough to say this is an excellent drama. It’s very entertaining & the action scenes are well choreographed! The plot could’ve been so much more but didn’t hang together well in the last 2 eps due to 

If you can spare 8hrs, it’s worth a look-in. As a comparison with another action/thriller, I’d rate My Name higher than this.

Sure! Kingdom, it's set in Joseon Period but a zombie epidemic happens. Lots of action and very fast paced!

If you want action + sad bromance feels try My Country: The New Age.

If you want lots of action and violence + bromance but make it happen to the children Weak Hero Class 1 is what you're looking for.

I would recommend .

Half way through it and absolutely loving it.

In general, I’m not a huge fan of too much action or bloody shows and this has a lot of both but it’s balanced and very well executed / choreographed so it doesn’t feel bland or repetitive.

Love the bgm music as well. Selling point has been the friendship/bromance so far. It’s very sweet ❤️

Finally someone with the same thoughts as me.

The stupidity of the main characters to let the antagonists live many times after they beaten the bad guys, it’s like they don’t give a sh*# about the murders of their friends.

The girl with the arrow, flexing about her skills in her room, but ended up shooting the bad guys on their legs / arms only when she could have just shot them on their face.

Every time the protagonists left the bad guys alive after a fights makes this series just like a bad written comedy show. I think its better that Bloodhounds had ended at episode 8 when the antagonist kills the main characters.

The writer really should have taken a peek from the drama series Vincenzo, how to create a proper main character.

Thank you!! I just finished the show and am kind of pissed off because they let the villain kill off most of the good people, and when they get the chance they only beat the villain and his 2 henchmen but not actually kill them? Makes no sense to me. At the end the ML says something like I never want to see you face again to the villain, and i started screaming “THEN WHY DO YOU EVEN GIVE HIM THE CHANCE!!! Finish him!!!” I’m frustrated by the ending of this drama lmao. Also the FL just vanishes? I’m not satisfied with the ending, but oh well. Overall great to watch, just not a satisfying or realistic ending… like what if the villain pays off interpol??

bloodhounds kdrama