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revenant kdrama

The Demon, The Devil, Aggwi

Status: Completed


Released: Jun 23, 2023 - Jul 29, 2023

Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.


Type: Drama

Episodes: 12

Director: , 

Casts: , , , , , 

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                                                  Synopsis Revenant

When the door to another world opens, demons exist there. Ku San Young is possessed by one of those demons. Yeom Hae Sang can see the demon which has possessed Ku San Young. They try to figure out the truth behind the mysterious deaths related to the five sacred objects.

Ku San Young is busy working part-time during the day and studying to become a low-ranking public officer at night. One day, she receives some articles left behind by her late father. Since then, mysterious deaths take place around her. She also finds herself slowly changing.

Yeom Hae Sang comes from a rich background. He teaches Korean folklore at a university. Since he was a child, he has had the special ability to see demons in this world. He even saw his mother killed by a demon in front of him when he was young. Yeom Hae Sang meets Ku San Young and he faces the demon which killed his mother.

Lee Hong Sae is a lieutenant in the violent crimes investigation team. He only cares about advancing his career in the police department. Due to Ku San Young and Yeom Hae Sang, he gets involved in mysterious cases.

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What are your thoughts on The Revenant?

Finally watched it and absolutely loved it. Initially avoided due to some mix reviews but I'm glad I gave it a chance. I did think it dragged a bit in the second half but other than that I thought it was great. Never seen a movie this brutal before. I have no idea how they pulled off so many of the scenes in this movie. It's incredible. Tom Hardy and Leo Dicaprio were so good. I'm wondering what everyone thinks of the film. What would you rate it? I gave it an 8.5/10.

I get that a lot. I have relatives that find the term “indian” “first nations” “aboriginal” and even “indigenous“ offensive. For some of us, there isnt a correct term and i dont think there ever will be.

Ill refer to myself any way i see fit. I wish the biggest problem in my life was gate-keeping how the rest of the world addresses me, so ill refer to myself as an indian or an aboriginal or whatver rolls off my tongue based on the context of my situation.

If someone off the street, or a co-worker, or whomever sees fit to refer to me as any of those words, and it comes from a hateful place…thats when we’re going to have a problem.

Just because your feelings or hurt or that you're offended isn't the other person's problem. That's your problem. Just because someone says something that you disagree with doesn't always mean it stems from hate. In today's society, if you don't agree with someone, people think that must mean that you hate something or other about whatever it is that they stand for but how the hell could someone else know what a person stands for by looking at them. Surprise!! You hurt my feelings! Lol it's just ridiculous and sad

I feel like the cinematography was all it had going for it, and even the style felt like it was just Lubezki parodying the style he and Malick used for The New World - a much better, more moving, more beautifully photographed film.

I watched it when it came out in the cinema and though the plot and characters are pretty forgettable that final fight scene between Tom Hardy and Leo DiCaprio made me literally shake in my seat and it’s rare that any film has that kind of visceral impact

I'm so over every blockbuster being 150-190 minutes. Most of them have long periods of time that drag on and serve no purpose other than runtime. Compare Raiders of the Lost Ark vs Endgame for example. Two mega blockbusters. Raiders is 110 minutes and there is not a wasted scene. Every scene serves a purpose and no scene last too long. 

I really disagree about Endgame. I loved the fact that this major blockbuster film committed to having us spend the entire first hour dealing with the characters' sense of grief, guilt and loss. People often argue that Marvel movies don't care about character but that entire section is about character building and payoff for the years they've spent building up certain relationships (like the Steve/Natasha scene). 

If half of the world disappeared, people wouldn't just get over it. It's also essential because so much of the later part of the film is action packed. I agree that lots of movies are longer than they need to be now but I wouldn't use Endgame as my example. With so many characters and after so much time, I would have felt cheated if the movie was just an hour and a half. I don't think they could have wrapped 20+ movies of plot lines in that much time.It's a tight movie. Then look at Endgame. The first hour draaaags. The cold open Jeremy Renner snap scene is such a waste of 5 minutes. The everything is sad scenes take almost an hour of the movie. The time travel scenes take too long at points. Scenes that could be 5 minutes are 6. The soul stone scene is just a direct copy of the IW scene. Then the final battle is 45 fucking minutes and there is so much wasted time in the battle. You could easily trime 25-30 minutes off Endgame and not lose anything from the movie

The movie was solid, but my father kept mispronouncing the title for months and for that, I only know this movie as "The Relevant".